Jamie first fell in love with Pilates in 2012 while living in Los Angeles. After practicing religiously and moving back to New York in 2015, she realized her passion for fitness and teaching. Jamie is a Balanced Body trained instructor.


Q: There are so many smoothie varieties out there! What do you put in your favorite smoothie?
JB: I like to put greens in my smoothie, so I get them first thing in the morning. So I do a big handful of spinach, a few pineapple slices, cinnamon, and amazing grass vanilla protein powder so I stay full through my morning classes.

Q: What do you typically eat for breakfast?

JB: My current go-to is overnight oats, just soak ½ a cup of oats in coconut milk, add some cinnamon, and leave it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I’ll add a handful of nuts and berries.

Q: What is your favorite indulgence?
JB: I love dark chocolate! But really, any dessert will suffice.