Miami native Jo Martinez‘s wellness background began with bodywork, as she discovered an admiration for the healing arts at an early age. Now well-versed and trained in both Western and Eastern modalities such as Myofascial release, Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga Massage and Aromatherapy, her approach focuses on blending these disciplines into a signature style, while incorporating soft tissue manipulation with the body’s energetic fields. Upon moving to New York, Jo found a new passion in movement through Pilates. The strong mind and body connection in the method is what inspired her to train and eventually pursue a career as an instructor. The blending of disciplines also translates into her teaching practice. Trained in a contemporary approach to the exercise system, while combining therapeutic fundamentals and functional training in unison, her practice can be described as challenging yet soothing. A thorough, difficult class or private session with a strong focus on tactile cues, adjustments, and form.


Q: What is your favorite healthy snack and favorite meal?
JM: Trail mix of any kind. Favorite meal is a charred calamari or octopus salad.

Q: What is your favorite skincare line right now and do you have a routine that you would like to share? Most essential skin care tip? Answer any or all of the above!
JM: I use two products by an Italian line JMF Cosmetics, DM Clean for cleansing/makeup removal and SPOT face cream for moisturizing. For sun protection, I use SkinCeuticals physical fusion UV defense sunscreen.  Most essential skin care tip? Sunscreen and drinking water.

Q: Do you have a wellness secret?
JM: Sleep and Epsom salt baths.

Q: There are so many smoothie varieties out there! What do you put in your favorite smoothie?
JM: Spinach, banana, avocado, cacao, almond/coconut milk, sometimes I will add protein powder

Q: What is your favorite meal to cook?
JM: Roasted vegetables and fish.

Q: What are some activities you like to do outside of Pilates?
JM: Biking and going to the beach. I also enjoy weight training.

Q: Did you always have an interest in health and wellness?
JM: No, I wasn’t health conscious in my upbringing. In my early 20’s when I became a massage therapist, I became more health conscious, active, and aware of the power our bodies and movement have.

Q: What do you typically eat for breakfast?
JM: Boiled eggs if I’m in a hurry. Oatmeal with chocolate protein + nuts + fruit if I’m not in a hurry.

Q: What is your favorite indulgence?
JM: Pizza.

Q: What are three essential items you have in your bag?
JM: Lip balm, headphones, water.

Q: Favorite quote
JM: “Not everybody can be famous, but everybody can be great. Because greatness is determined by service.” -Martin Luther King Jr.