Liz received her Comprehensive Classical and Contemporary Pilates Certification from Balanced Pilates in 2018. Her passion for Pilates began as a client, when she realized what a difference it makes for a person’s everyday life when your mind and body are truly connected in movement.  She brings this mind/body connection to all of her classes; helping clients to understand not only how to move and use the body in different and challenging ways, but why and how specific movements help build strength, endurance, and reduce tension and pain. Liz believes that when someone is able to tap into how their own body works through Pilates, it truly helps them move through their daily life feeling more powerful, more in control, and ultimately stronger both physically and mentally. 


Q: What is your favorite healthy snack and favorite meal?
LF: I love raw almonds for a healthy snack and my favorite meal is a rice bowl loaded with veggies!

Q: Do you have a wellness secret?
LF: H20!  Staying hydrated is my number one not-so-secret wellness secret.

Q: What are some activities you like to do outside of Pilates?
LF: Writing short stories, knitting and embroidery, studying anatomy, and playing with my cats!

Q: What is your favorite indulgence?
LF: A manicure with crazy detailed nail art! Expensive but so satisfying and fun!

Q: What are three essential items you have in your bag?
LF: Journal and pens, Roses by Chloé rollerball perfume, and my airpods.

Q: Favorite quote?
LF: “What you risk reveals what you value.” -Jeanette Winterson