While working in the corporate world, Marina started taking Pilates classes several times a week and fell in love with it. She felt stronger and happier and knew she had found something transformational. Although she continued exploring fitness programs, Pilates remained a constant for her. She found herself in a Balanced Body foam roller workshop. This was so important for her practice that she was inspired to continue an education program with Balanced Body, which really helped hone her skills. Her life was forever changed and she wanted to share her love of Pilates with others so she opened BK Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio. The studio is unique because it is intimate. Whether the client is in a private session or in a group, the person feels the individual attention. Today, after eleven years of corporate deskwork, she is able to pursue her passion full time, teaching the life-changing practice of Pilates to others as well as enjoying her own regular practice.


Q: What is your favorite healthy snack and favorite meal?
MK: Avocado toast with peas and m

Q: What is your favorite skincare line right now and do you have a routine that you would like to share? Most essential skin care tip? Answer any or all of the above!
MK: Caudalie

Q: Do you have a wellness secret?
MK: I stay very active and don’t get much sleep!.

Q: There are so many smoothie varieties out there! What do you put in your favorite smoothie?
MK: I put in baby kale, spinach, almond butter, pear, a few dates and almond milk. I keep it simple as time with my kids is my priority.

Q: What is your favorite meal to cook?
MK: I love to cook and entertain and always try to “healthify” the recipe. I prefer playing with salads but my family loves veal so I make that every now and then.

Q: So, you’re not a vegetarian?
MK: No way! I believe in balance. Never deprive your body of anything, but you should eat a lot of green food and colorful berries as they are great antioxidants.

Q: What are some activities you like to do outside of Pilates?
MK: I like to go for an occasional run or spin class. I ski almost every weekend in the Winter and I love going to the beach in the Summer. I also enjoy traveling and of course spending time with my kids.

Q: Did you always have an interest in health and wellness?
MK: Believe it or not…Not at all. I ran on my lunch break and nothing else. It wasn’t until my second job when I was able to afford a pilates private session that I was hooked!