Rachel is a musical theatre girl originally from Columbus, OH. After receiving her BFA in musical theatre, she moved to NYC. Her first experience with Pilates was as a cross-training activity to her dance training. She quickly fell in love with how it was a fantastic workout as well as a very useful rehabilitation tool. She received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Pilates NYC. Her classes tend toward a medium pace aiming for a total body workout with an emphasis on structural stability.


Q: What is your favorite healthy snack and favorite meal?
RH: My favorite snack is apples and chunky peanut butter and my favorite meal is pizza. Which you can’t really make healthy. But it’s all about portion control, right?!

Q: What is your favorite skincare line right now and do you have a routine that you would like to share? Most essential skin care tip? Answer any or all of the above!
RH: My favorite everything line right now is Shea Moisture. I use their hair, body, and face products. My routine is an oil cleanser, vitamin C serum, and lotion, adding primer with sunscreen for the daytime. Most essential skin care tip is sunscreen!!

Q: Do you have a wellness secret?
RH: Exercise, it’s not really a secret but it keeps me fit and happy.

Q: There are so many smoothie varieties out there! What do you put in your favorite smoothie?
RH: Pineapple!

Q: What is your favorite meal to cook?
RH: Pasta with Pesto and Mediterranean veggies

Q: What are some activities you like to do outside of Pilates?
RH: Dancing, kickboxing

Q: Did you always have an interest in health and wellness?
RH: Yes and no… I was always active and interested being fit, but didn’t really get into the health side until I realized how much what I ate affected my day to day. I realized I had serious food intolerances and once I started cutting those things from my diet I saw a huge difference in my mental, physical, and immune system. They say 90% of your immune system is in your gut and I’ll tell you from experience that is a completely true statement.

Q: What do you typically eat for breakfast?
RH: Fried eggs on toast and coffee

Q: What is your favorite indulgence?
RH: Baked goods

Q: What are three essential items you have in your bag?
RH: Other than phone, wallet, keys—- Chapstick, sunglasses, headphones

Q: Favorite quote
RH: “Never give up, never give in”

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  1. Marlene E
    November 12, 2018 at 1:31 pm ·

    Rachel, though young, is one of the best pilates instructors I have ever taken a class from — a truly gifted instructor who gives just the right cues during a group class that enables me to make the right adjustments — whatever this lady sets her mind to do — she will do it well! Thank you Marina for hiring Rachel H

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