“BK Pilates changed my entire life. I could feel my body start to change from the first class I took with Marina. I had always loved pilates before, but I had never witnessed results like I have at BK pilates with their instructors and classes. Not only are the classes challenging, but the instructors truly care about what you want to work on and goals you want to achieve. I have never been in better shape than I am now. I look forward to working out now and have never felt healthier, happier or more fit. Thank you BK Pilates!”
Sara x
“As a former Marine, I was a bit apprehensive to introduce Pilates into my workout routine. Marina and the instructors at BK Pilates welcomed me with challenging classes that helped me focus on some of the muscle groups that I had been avoiding in my typical weightlifting routine. Not only have I noticed a change in the muscle groups focused on in class, but I’ve also gained more awareness of my body movement when I do go to lift weights. The instructors at BK are personal, challenging and are always watching to make sure you get the best Pilates workout you can when you attend. Thanks BK Pilates!”